Tuesday, November 04, 2003

"...looking for ideas"

The above comes from one of my favorite comedian schpiels... Why do adults always ask little kids what they want to be? Because they are looking for ideas. "Hmmm, a ballerina you say? Maybe I could do that TOO!"

This is where I am. I'm now facing the daunting task of taking classes that I may have to do real work in. It's not that there's no work in the class I'm taking now, but as expected I'm just not incredibly motivated because I'm taking the class online. Most of the time, I'm in my pajama's and it's the night before the assignment's due and I'm spewing out half-cocked answers to the assignments just so I can get credit.

Little has changed since my last educational foray.

It's time to sign up for classes for the Spring and I have no idea what I want to take. Other than something easy that doesn't require me to read or write a lot of big words. Or anything boring. As it turns out, this is not as easy as it sounds. I know that this is shocking to... well, no one.

I've thought about Poly Sci but I'm not political and the thought of having to develop opinions on current events hurts my head. We've already discussed my level of ignorance on this subject, there's no reason to cause me further undue pain by going into it again. I've also thought about Philosophy, but I'm not very deep either. I'm so shallow that I didn't even fully understand the course DESCRIPTION. I've thought about History, but that stuff is so old. (That was a joke, for those of you in the cheap seats.) I've thought about Public Speaking and was pretty excited about that prospect but then I realized that I would have to listen to OTHER people talk, too. Not so interesting to me, as it turns out.

I need to get some English and Math stuff out of the way, but I have to go to a placement test for that and I don't have time. Plus they want $4 (AMERICAN!) to tell me how dumb I am and how they're not sure that I have the skills necessary to balance a checkbook... Much less spell checkbook. Not really interested in that, either.

But, it's midnight. I'll have to make to think about it again tomorrow. After all, :::swooning::: tomorrow is another day!

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