Sunday, February 05, 2017

Johnson O'Connor

Alina Myers, Kelsey Burke and me at Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation

As mentioned on Deactivation Day 1, I spent a few days in DC last week at the Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation undergoing aptitude testing.  These are the two women who have the awesome job of being aptitude testers and researchers and who were gracious (and amused) enough to take a selfie with me.  As I said in the previous test, I wasn't blowing any aptitudes off the charts, but I do have some strengths.  The two I can't stop obsessing over are ideaphoria and foresight.  Basically, I have an aptitude for coming up with a lot of ideas coupled with an aptitude for being able to see the big picture.  Which means all of those times that I threw big batches of ideas for how to improve my old department, I may have actually been within my wheelhouse.  Except no one would listen.  (Little fish, giant ocean.)  I got the results of my tests from Alina, and she encouraged me to pursue careers where I could possibly focus on one issue and coming up with solutions for it.  (World peace -- go!)
I'm not really sure what THAT looks like, but I like that a renewed focus on blogging gives me at least one outlet for this aptitude.  (PLUS, I finally figured out how to get some photos in here, so there will be a little bit more of a visual break.  Yay!)

It is hard to explain to people what the aptitude testing is and why I wanted to do it.  To be honest, it didn't really tell me anything that I didn't already know about myself to some extent -- particularly the things I lack an aptitude for.  (There is something called Memory for Design which basically directly explains why I cannot remember directions to save my life.)  It helped me to confirm that the things I have always wanted to do and strived to do are within my wheelhouse and why I am interested in doing them. It helped me embrace my strengths and forgive myself for the things I don't excel in.  

If you have the financial ability to send your children to do this, I HIGHLY encourage this. Sometime in high school is most ideal, but even in the first year of college.  It's going to help them get pointed in a direction of a career where they will likely feel fulfilled, and isn't that what it's all about?

Off to watch the second half of the stupid bowl --


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