Sunday, January 06, 2019

Hey you guys I remembered I have a blog again!

It's like Groundhog Day -- I feel like I'm finally breaking free of the spell, but it starts out weirdly reminiscent of how the curse began....   Until you realize that the world outside is different and that you really do have ALL of the chances you thought you'd lost.

Surviving traumatic life events.  It's something I'm getting to be kind of good at.  To the point where I am SERIOUSLY not fun at parties, but somehow in a "she was totally fun!" kind of way.  2018 really underscored my ability to survive and grow and adapt as a person. 

And the one thing I know is -- you absolutely cannot teach this skill to people, because in order to have it you have to go through your own trauma.  "Wisdom is not communicable."  It's still fun, though, feeling all of the pieces of the lessons that other people TRIED to teach to me fall into place. 

We were at our favorite New Year's Party, and I fell into the Narcissistic Well of The Story of 2018.  I regret that, and I don't at the same time.  I saw people I hadn't seen in a long time who seemed genuinely interested in hearing about my/our year and frankly -- there just isn't a SHORT version of 2018 to share 

2018 was just one body blow after another.  Hit after hit, punch after punch, it took until December for me to truly feel as though we could let go of our breath.  That we were okay.  That I was okay.  That he was okay.  That we were all okay. 

We started in a dark and dreary and cold place.  The city was covered in snow and ice and cabin fever was already at a fever pitch (my timehop shows jokes about The Shining and admitting I have never actually SEEN The Shining).  But the pain and discomfort and lack of sleep that my husband was experiencing was what amplified the intensity of that cabin fever and what set the year on its journey of medical drama and trauma... 

Which you can read about whenever my book finally comes out.  :)

Love this time of year when it's coupled with good weather.  I know we have no control over those weather cycles, so I just try to lean into how happy the nice weather makes me feel and jam out. 

My personal theme for 2019 is come and get your love!  I love that song and truly -- it's how I'm embracing 2019.  I'm ready to start sprucing up this old Lee Family Estate (and maybe share some of that on this here dusty old blog) and doing some kooky stuff.  I'm auditioning for a play in about a week  -- it'll be nerve-wracking fun. 

But FUN!  <3 p="">

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Hey, hey you guys! I remember I have a blog!

Cool!  Cool!  What's more retro?  Going back to blogging or trying to bring back My Space?  I'm asking for a friend.

So, I'm totally bored and texting everyone I know and annoying them on their social media feeds and creating group texts within texting groups.  I mean.  I am BORED. 

And then, like the memory of this adorable baby panda that Adam Jones posted once upon a time, I remember I have THIS BLOG.  Ahhhh...  Remember this blog?  Where I told you awkward stories about my life and tried to make you pay attention to me.

And you did!!  You loved me.  You told me so yourselves.  So, here we go again.  Let's give it a try.

Trying to start blogging again is like trying to start exercising again, but if you want to re-live THAT show it's on a blog we call Inside Heather's Fat  (If this link doesn't work, let me know so I can update privacy settings.)

So... we've been snowed in since I can't remember when.  Finally binged in separate directions yesterday.  I've been itching to work on the room over the garage anyway, and it's much warmer up there.  So, started watching Chance on Hulu while poking around in the room over the garage (the room formerly known as, in no particular order: the lab and Gracie's room and the second den and the air bnb apartment).  This is seriously it's own blog topic, so suffice to say I'm sorting out the junk that's up there.  Mostly so I can more concisely store the same junk but at least with more purpose than before. (See also:  I just can't bring myself to throw this stuff out, but at least I can look at it from time to time and TRY to get rid of it or reduce it.)

So...  Chance!  Those of you who remember how much we loved House will find it of no surprise that the main reason I landed on this show is because it stars Hugh Laurie.  But, also chewing up the scenery (in DELIGHTFUL fashion) are Ethan Suplee, Gretchen Mol, and Paul Adelstein in this delicious send up to film noir.

I hadn't read anything about it or even heard about it and I have NO idea why since there are apparently two seasons out there.  Shame on whoever is in charge of marketing for this show.  It is great stuff.  Ethan Suplee's character "D" is just this divine Marvelescent superhero/vigilante dude who spews philosophy and punches at the same speed.  He loves riddles and has rules on how to tail your target.  He is DIVINE.  Is he nominated for anything?

I should write like a normal reviewer and build up to Hugh Laurie as the big finish on this awesome cast, but really - I just can't wait that long to gush.  He's just divine. So House and yet NOT House at the same time.  That's the Hugh Laurie je ne sais quo that he brings to his pieces.  To me, he's as good as Clooney -- if not better.  Because while you can see Hugh Laurie in the role, you still can't see anyone else playing the parts he chooses.  Dr Eldon Chance is so clearly the befuddled typical private eye from Raymond Chandler films that he even uses the phrase to mock himself.  (You can hear the writers in that, for sure.  But then again, apparently the novel on which the series is written is written in part with the author, so that's an EXCELLENT touch.  Let's give him some love on Amazon, eh?)

Baddy bad Paul Adelstein tries to shake his good guy image from previous roles once and for all.  I think beating up a chick is a pretty good decision if you want to be considered for bad guy roles in this day and age in Hollywood.  And he does a great job at being a nasty, crooked cop.  I'm up to episode 6 and still he's a caricature of the kind of guy who would be like this.  And what kind of monster could beat up on poor, sweet, uh multiple personality, somewhat manipulative... uh...  Hmmm...

Yeah.  Gretchen Mol.  She is THE quintessential damsel in distress from an old film noir.  I can't almost hear the narrator, "She was the kind of dame that trouble didn't have to go looking far to find, if you know what I mean?"  And as previously stated, I'm about halfway through episode 6 (The Unflinching Spark -- and they ALL have great titles like this!) and I just do NOT trust this chick. Mostly because years of watching film noir teaches you that the dames are NOT to be trusted.  There IS in fact a reason that trouble follows them around -- Trouble is a pet that they carry around on a velvet pillow and feed bon bons too.  So, I'm not going to say much, because the jury is still out on Jaclyn Blackstone.  But, I'll tell you one thing - I can't imagine that Hugh Laurie would go quite this nutty for an UGLY girl.  I know that's wrong, but I'm just saying.

Back to the popcorn, bingeing and the long cold first wintry weekend of 2018.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Politics, as usual

Just to be clear, the Senate invoked a seldom used rule to silence a female Democrat in an objection to her objection to a pending nominee for Secratary of State. I think it's a little too early to have to wake up to this mess. But this seems to be the case daily. It's always too early to deal with a misogynistic response to someone pointing out racism. 

Here's another article, which also contains the  letter. 

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