Sunday, January 29, 2017

Pending countdown to deactivation.

I'm concerned about missing my friends. I will definitely miss events posted that don't get posted elsewhere. I have some trips coming up and not Facebooking it all seems weird. So, yes, I'm having second thoughts. I wouldn't be me if I weren't.
But when I say I need a break, I do.
I'm tired of reading the word "whiner" about how my friends and I are reacting to the actions of theP President.
Look, we are not whining -- we are angry. Women do not collectively march in Washington and cities across the country and globe because we are whining. We are angry. We are PISSED OFF.
Trump basically holding an entire religion responsible for its radical component and blocking them from coming into the country is scary. Everyone should think that is scary. Because he's doing it to make us afraid. This country was literally founded by people who were escaping religious persecution. (Who stole that land from ITS native people, so maybe that's what the real "fear" is.) But, shame. Shame on you for being scared. Go to a google box and search for pictures of Syria an explain to me where those people are going to go? What home do they have to go back to, exactly?
He's arguing over the election results because the popular election doesn't agree with how big of a win he wanted to get? Therefore saying that the results have to be due to illegal voting? Are you kidding me? There will be NO illegal voting found, but this will be a way to restrict more brown people from voting.
Here's the thing. Anyone who doesn't agree with me politically never clicked to read this and if they did, they long since closed it... But... Just in case you are still here. Let me ask you this -- why, why, why would anyone repeatedly tell you that the media is lying, reprehensible, deplorable, and on and on unless they want to be the only one from whom you receive information? If a free press is not going to be allowed to share and report on and investigate statements claimed as facts, then how will you know that information you are being given is true? Shouldn't you look elsewhere?
Earlier today, a friend clarified a post that I made that was presented as fact about what happened to the website after Obama left. I felt shame in that. And I was glad that it wasn't stripped by the incoming administration, but as a matter of changing of the guard.
I wrote an fairly tame article for a local paper about a friend's participation in the march. She changed her mind about letting it be published over fears of attacks, persecution and more. Because she protested. In America. Because these are the times we live in. Women who march to protest are called crybabies because other women don't respect that less than 100 years ago we didn't even have the right to vote.
So. Am I anxious about leaving Facebook? Yeah. I'm going to miss a lot. I probably won't stay away that long. But I want to stay away long enough to write HERE again. To share stories with you. To share my anger with you. To do what I can for my beliefs as well as my own life.
Let me know you're reading, if you can. When I come back to Facebook, I'm already working on setting up a page for the blog and I'll house everything there. I won't be purely political here, either. But that IS my passion, so expect that to be the main focus.

That's all -- for now.


Ash said...

I'll be here. xxx

Tanya Weiland said...

Well said, my girl. We think alike on the new administration. Will miss you on FB but I will keep up the commentary there - though not with your humor. I have been told to stop posting my opinions as it is dangerous. Isn't that a shame in this day and age and country that you now have to watch what you say and people who disagree can threaten you? Oh well, so be it. Have a good respite. Will follow your blog, if you don't mind, and look forward to your eventual return to FB.

FVJ said...

Hi jerseyjert, it's kiosk! So, I've been watching some TED talks about internet/social media/smartphone addiction, and some of them mention "FOMO", or fear of missing out, as a reason why people are terrified to put down their phones. But this is a fear that has only existed in our lives for, at most, 10 years, so I think you will realize after you detox that you had a life before fb and you will start to appreciate being present in the world. At least I hope so. And if you don't, call me to complain about it! Love you, sweetie!

FVJ said...

Oh, and in your newfound spare time that you will have, haha, try watching some of these TED talks. Because of these, and articles I found online, I am now much more aware of how I am feeling when I am online, the rush of dopamine (I think that's it) when I get a comment or a new friend request. It sickens me but I rationalize that because I'm out of the country it's ok, I'm just keeping in touch with America. But it's definitely a first step for me if I want to improve to be able to recognize the addictive feeling inside my body that social media creates. And we know how important self awareness is, right?? lol!

Amy said...

I always appreciate that you try to share your thoughts in a rational manner. I don't always agree with you. But my life is richer for understanding the perspective of others without hate. You are an intelligent and thoughtful woman. To suggest those with differing views automatically disregard your posts would be selling both yourself and them short. And just because someone doesn't comment doesn't mean your words aren't being pondered. FB is an awful medium for honest discourse. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts.

Kamilla said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Heather. I'm glad to know you!

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