Monday, February 06, 2017

The Not-so-amazing after all story generator

Because of the positive results I received regarding my writing aptitude, I have really been pushed towards exercising this muscle more again.  It prompted me to purchase a book called "The Amazing Story Generator," an example of one is pictured.   I thought that I could periodically flip to one, share the photo, and then write the very first steam of consciousness story that, well, gets generated.   I'm all set to do this starting immediately, and even came up with a formula to generate the randomness.  (Is it random if there's a formula?)
But this is the first story that generated and I'm already feeling like a failure.  In case there's an issue with the photo, the story idea is "After a bitter custody battle, a gold prospector meets the ghost of Ernest Hemingway."
I don't know anything about custody battles -- my parents made the mistake of staying together and I've never remembered to have children.  (Yes, I know that's okay - thanks,)  But I did see Kramer vs Kramer a long time ago and read "It's Not the End of The World" by Judy Blume, so maybe I can understand some custody battle stuff.  Like, I certainly get that it would be bitter.  I also don't know much about gold prospecting, nor do I care.  I've never understood how one could look at hills and decide if those are the "them thar hills" which house the gold.  And what does water have to do with gold?  If it's just floating in the river, then why can't anyone get it?  And then there's Ernest Hemingway.  Oh, Papa.  I read The Sun Also Rises in high school, though I didn't retain much of it.  Most of what I know about Papa is that his nickname was Papa, he was a big old drunk, had a lot of cats and didn't treat his first wife terribly well.  That last bit only surmised from having read The Paris Wife, which was loosely based on the true story of his first wife.

So, I might have to not be so rigid with only writing about the very first one that pops up, but perhaps one that may speak to me a scosh more.  And clearly, this may not be the very best blog topic since I didn't even get a story for your reading pleasure.  Plus, any story generated is probably going to be much longer than your attention span will allow.  But, perhaps I am misjudging your attention span, dear reader.

Tonight, I head to a local Democratic National Convention chapter meeting and sign up.  I assume I'll have something political to write about after that.  Or at the very least, something about awkward social encounters.  We'll see how it goes!



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