Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Challenges of returning to blogging

     The thing I liked about Facebook is that every time I thought of something, I could post it and get your reactions.  I don't miss the reactions completely (I know you love me, why wouldn't you?) -- but I DO miss the immediacy of posting.  Even if it something quick that I am going to expound on later.  That option is now gone, especially since Google did away with the Blogger app.  Or at least the one for iPhone.  Apparently there are some other apps out there to try to close the gap, but there aren't many and they are not well rated.  I'm not sure if this means I will have to change blog platforms or what.  At this point, my plan is just to write and see if I even get into the habit of doing it daily before I go and export to other blogs or start over or whatever.  If I just drift off into non-writing again, then the point is moot, right?
     But, this also means that it is EXTREMELY difficult to upload photos here.  The photo link pulls from some obscure folder on my computer and I'm not quite savvy enough to figure out how to update all of that.  PLUS, again, I'm not sure how diligent of a writer I'm going to be, so why try to solve problems that may not even matter?
    Also, content.  You'll be shocked to note that I will likely be mostly left-leaning political.  That's just how I take my coffee, kids.  I don't want to get into Twitter feuds or whatever over the things I believe.  But -- I also don't want all of my content to just be straight up, "I'm so scared..." all of the time.  This is serving no purpose and why I felt compelled to leave.  (Although, I am actually so scared all of the time.)  Should I focus on just one issue that's important to me?  That's one of the pieces of advice you hear about how to keep your resistance up.
     Here's the thing...  I think I need to hear the news read from a deadpan announcer flat.  Just hear the bare facts of what happened that day and then try not to read it anywhere else or watch anything else.  Because, I am trying to wrap my brain around THIS idea:  When President Obama was first elected in 2008, this is how the other side felt. I do not believe it was to this extreme, because -- again -- he had the 4th highest approval rating of any president since they started rating these things on Inauguration Day.  Trump not-so-much.  So, perhaps the right wasn't quite so in fear of democracy being destroyed.  I mean, eventually they still had their way in doing everything they could to destroy it once they re-gained control of the Congress in 2010 but before that.  Was every news article they read about his first 100 Days just another cause for them to tear their hair and howl at the moon?  Did they really and truly believe that a free democracy would be completely undone by giving everyone healthcare?
     Or was it later -- was it the gays that upset them so much??  That has to be it.  They couldn't stand the idea of people who are gay being allowed to get married.  But then, that happened and the world didn't end.
    Maybe some of you are going to comment and tell me what it is about Democrats that bugs you so much.  Maybe you're not.  I know we have a reputation for big government and taxing and spending.  But, for all you know, that reputation could just be alternate facts.  I am a democrat for social reasons.  Until everyone is treated equally and it's the law that is practiced and just understood to be the right thing to do, then I'm going to continue to be a Democrat.  I am not sure why people care so much where someone wants to pee that they have to pass bills about it, but okay.  Let's figure this out. out.  If you are so afraid that someone could dress up like a woman just so they could go into a bathroom and molest a kid, then you should probably not let your kids go into bathrooms unattended.  Because that could happen now.  You're in luck - child molestation is SUPER illegal, so let's take that person down and leave the trans person alone to pee, k?
     I have said this again and again and again, if you do not believe in abortion, then do not get one.  Do not do that.  Keep all of your pregnancies and I hope that they turn into babies for you, I truly do.  I would NEVER force you to get an abortion.  But why do you care if someone else gets one?  Any woman who has struggled with infertility can tell you that not all fetuses turn into babies.  And there are plenty of women who have babies that they don't want and can't afford, and then you want to shame her for needing public assistance.  Oh, she shouldn't have "gotten herself pregnant" Senator?  Did she just magically do that on her own then?  Birth control is the sole responsibility of the woman, is it?  Then how come you don't want women to get access to free birth control?  You don't want her to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy, you don't want to help her prevent one AND you don't want to help pay for any of the astronomical costs of raising a child?  Yeah.  I'm gonna need you to explain to me about how this is pro life and not just pro getting all up in a woman's business.

Whew.  Okay.  I think I answered the content question.  And realized I'm starving....   Off to explore outside of my hotel...

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