Monday, March 31, 2008

Confirmed Deleted... yet another shameless rip-off from a TV show

HP2 and I had this conversation once, so Lord knows I may have already blogged about it, but what I learned from the writer's strike is that something new once a month is much better than nothing new ever.

You know how you go through your cell phone and clean out old numbers? Sometimes those numbers are just out-dated that the person simply doesn't have or use anymore. But, sometimes those people are out-dated and you don't have or use them anymore. Does it make you feel sad? It does me.

I don't know. I think here is a person that I thought enough to save their phone number into my phone. I thought that this was a person that I was going to get in touch with again and I would want to have their number handy. Then gradually I call them less and they call me less and then it just seems silly to keep the number. But then again, what HARM does it really do to have their number on hand? Maybe it would be fun to... Or we could go to... Or we could watch... Yeah, no -- I'm never going to call that broad again.

I often wonder if these people ever had me saved in their phone. If they kept me there. Sometimes I call people I haven't talked to in a while just to play catch-up. These calls are often filed under "dialing under the influence." It makes me very sad that I don't talk to these folks more but then there is always the bitterness that accompanies that. Well, they don't call ME.

It is often this way. They don't call and I don't call and then it's just vicious cycle of not calling. Because part of what happens when you do the catch up call is the plentiful promises that we MUST get together and we MUST do something. But that just doesn't happen because their calendar is full and so is yours and do you really want to blow an evening with someone whose number you were about to permanently delete from your phone?!?!

So, in order to avoid all that, you leave their number in. As long as it is there, you can call them if you want. You will recognize their number when they call you -- which they won't. Not that I am bitter.

Okay, a lot bitter as the paragraph I just deleted attested to, but not cripplingly so. Which is good.

So, the next time you purge your phone directory (or your email addresses which is what prompted this post), think about those people. Take a moment to say a little goodbye because it is like they are dying -- you're calling it. Time of death, 10:52 pm EDT.

It's such a sad... Oh, sorry -- Daily Show is on, love you mean call you later.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Pretty good day for a Wednesday

Here’s how my day went… I had to fast this morning because we had a health risk assessment at work. It’s a free service the company provides and when I do it, I get an extra $50 towards my Wellness benefit. (This is free money the company gives us to participate in healthy lifestyle choices – weight loss, smoking cessation, apply it towards exercise equipment, etc. We get a set amount per year but if you don’t use it, you lose it.) Fasting included skipping coffee, but I was still in a pretty perky mood – unbelievably.

Got my HRA done. I knew my weight had gone up from last year, as well as my waist size and of course BMI. But what was good is that my blood pressure and cholesterol were WAY down from last year. So, that was good news and then they gave us a $2 coin to spend on healthy foods in the cafeteria. I head to the cafeteria to get milk for my breakfast and some much deserved coffee, only the cafeteria doesn’t have flavored coffee which I need with my skim milk – princess coffee, you know. But, I decide to get the milk there because I need to get a teeny bit of syrup to mix in with my cereal thing because of this crazy thing I have fallen in love with eating for breakfast.*

As I’m checking out, I realize that the cost of my milk is going to be less than my $2 coin and they don’t give you change. So, I decide to pay for the breakfast of the guy in line behind me – whom I knew from a different department. He is completely flabbergasted by this gesture. It’s really funny – he just did not know how to react. He kept asking why I was doing that, so I explained the $2 dilemma and we talk about the HRA while I’m making my whacky breakfast. He is not enrolled, but I encourage him to go. Then I head to the cafeteria to purchase my flavored coffee and wind up having to use my CAMS which I was trying to avoid – but it was worth it for his reaction. Later on, I run into a co-worker from his department and she sort of singles me out as we’re walking out a meeting and asks, “Did you buy Kevin breakfast?” I said that I did and I was really pretty amused by his reaction. She indicated that he was a bit taken aback. I told her that my message was that he should pay it forward.

The day goes on and I come home to the VAT of spaghetti sauce I had started in the crockpot. Such a ridiculous amount of food, I was really tickled. We were going to see a sneak preview with the neighbors later (a highly rare week night excursion) and I invite them over to share some of this vat of food. No one dies or gets sick from my cooking – the night is beautiful!
Then we saw a sneak preview of 10,000 B.C. In a tiny cramped local theater that I had only recently avowed I would never go to again. Truly, I say only when it is free will you find me there and then maybe not. The movie is not great. It’s not bad. You won’t wish you could get this two hours back when you see it, but you will not be overly impressed. Some of the action scenes are fun enough, but the acting is just so, so bad. AND THEN, the coolest thing happened – I saw a local celebrity in the press row --- Mal Vincent.

If you’re not in the Hampton Roads area, he is a local film critic. I really like him and always have. I don’t always agree with him, but generally if Mal doesn’t like it then I am not going to see it – at least for things I am borderline about, for sure. I accost him and he actually talks to us. He sounds like an old school Southern ahem effeminate gentleman. What my godmother refers to as a Richmond accent. We talked about the movies and he told me that he just interviewed Amy Adams and I almost peed my pants because I just LOVE her. Scott says I kissed his ass and I totally know that I did and I don't even care. It was just delightful!

I am just on the moon. I feel like I just fell in love with life. After a fall of uncertainty and a winter of change and upheaval, I really feel like there is a Spring song just dancing! These times when I am loving life, I just try to revel in it and embrace it like I would a new romance. Those fleeting times of joy and hope and a little bit of a kick in my step – they are not every day occurrences, so, when they are hear I sing the songs and shake the rafters and just love love love!

And this is coming from a woman heading towards “paper jail” to write a six page paper on Richard III and Henry VII this weekend! If I can find some zing, then you should too!

Big, life-affirming hugs,

*PS* The crazy breakfast thing I’m in love with – ½ cup of skim milk, 1 cup shredded wheat, 1 small banana sliced and 1 scant teaspoon of maple syrup. Put all the ingredients in microwaveable bowl and nuke for about one minute, then stir it up and yum – get in my belly! If you don’t love it too, I do not care!

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