Saturday, September 15, 2007

On my mind

One. Because Scott and I have been together for going on five years, I frequently forget the smugness (and often write about this same forgetfulness, I think) that comes with being in a basically stable, "normal" relationship.

No matter what we try to sell you, human beings are designed to be matched up. It's in our DNA. You've got to sell yourself on being alone when you're alone, but ultimately you wish you had someone in your life. There is nothing wrong with that.

Why is this on my mind? Met up with an old kickball pal tonight. She is actually in a relationship with a great guy but after a substantial amount of time together he has yet to tell her her loves her. It is different for different people but the bottom line is that it is nice to know it, nice to hear, nice to know it exists. When you see them together, it wouldn't occur to you that it's not something that is part of their regular vocabulary, but it is what its. And that's what I mean by the smugness. I know Scott loves me. It's never out of my mind ever. Things get high, things get low, things get boring, things get weird, things get tough -- he loves me and I love him. We're doing life. It is what is is. Maybe, despite the marriage thing, I won't always have that inate knowledge but for now there is a definite smugness and security that goes along with that.
I have accomplished a basic human need successfully.
Two. Filler people. I was re-reading old journals, something I had not done in a LONG time. Found a note about the filler people. The people who make up my day and basically the meat of my life but don't get journal space (or, in this case, blog space) because they do not cause drama. They do not hurt me or overtly amuse me or whatever it is that brings people in to the blog. Things that take it away from being about me.
But, in the end, it is your filler people who are the moments of your life. My cube mate. Or just the co-workers in general. The woman at my gym whom I love. My closest local friend. My long distance, seldom caught up with friends. My local friends I talk to 4 times a year but enjoy the catch-up calls. My family. My old neighbors. My old friends in South Dakota. My former in-laws. All these people who make up my life, past and present. They are rarely, if ever, documented.
My cube mate has the same birthday, 2 years later, than I do. I have now personally met and known 5 people who have my birthday.

How many people do you know with your birthday and you're not a twin?

And had them teach you in school or be a close friend or dated them???

It's not common, I think.

Filler people. They need their own day, like Mother's Day. Can't you hear the Bud Light commercial now? Real American heroes -- my fill up my day person with whom I have nothing in commmmmon.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

If you don't laugh your ass off about THIS one...

Some of you may know that Scott and I once got a sticky note left on his condo door that said something like "Just a reminder the walls in these condos are paper thin, especialy the ones between the adjoining bedrooms. Glad you had a good morning -- Happy Valentine's Day!" Hysterical. I was too amused to be mortified.

But that was in the dating years and I suspect many of us know how different that can be.

Last night, we decided to watch some SkinnyMax and play with our new toy The Sex Deck (which is super fun). So, I'm, er, enjoying the movie and Scott was off in another room getting, er, accessories for our evening. He comes back to the room and I ask him to take the dog outside so we can have some privacy.

Well, here was the mood breaker... Our ridiculously large tv is hooked up to the stereo system so we can get surround sound. Our outdoor speakers are also hooked up to the stereo so we can listen to the radio when we're out in the yard. And they were on.

So, echoing through our backyard over the fences and to the neighbors houses was the unmistakable sounds of soft core porn. The soft moaning, the crazy music, the oh-so-well-crafted dialogue...

Just in case the neighbors wanted to know when we were getting some since we can't share a wall with them...

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