Saturday, February 10, 2007

Dear Julia,

Today was our Ravenchase Adventure. It's a scavenger hunt and they do it in different areas, but mostly Norfolk and Richmond. I think they have one in Charlotte too.

It starts out with them emailing you a clue. It's a real poem and then another poem that's the clue. You solve the clue by using the real poem. You email them to let them know if you got it, and they will respond to you and let you know if you are right.

The first clue tells you where to meet. Then you meet there at the appointed time and size up your competition. The chase leaders (or whoever they're called) give you your "toolkit" and a scroll with 4 clues and a map. The 4 clues are riddles and puzzles that you have to decipher. Anagrams and codes are used frequently. There's no order to the clues, so it doesn't matter where you find them. You just have to figure out all 4.

The clues will also lead you to other clues. And usually they are buried.

The other teams are doing the same things you are, but there's no telling what order they're going in. But we would see other teams while we were searching and would often figure out where things are based on things the other team would do.

There is a LOT of walking. I got so much exercise today that I crammed myself full of food and beverage when we got to the end. Mmmmmmm, nachos.

There were about 20 people out there. We were all geeks. :)

There was one lone girl who needed a group to team up with, so we let her come with us. That made for even more fun, having a total stranger in our group. Plus, she was black so that led to numerous really interesting racial conversations. She had her moments, but I really bonded with her and had fun hanging out with her today. But, since I tend to get too attached to people early on, I'm trying to dial it down.

The other people in our team were Scott (of course), Travis and Rocky. Rocky drove the Mystery Machine -- so we had the internet and GPS and beverages AND a bathroom!! We were SET. (I won the award for most uses of the bathroom, but I was SUPER cold and have a tiny bladder.)

Sometimes, the chase has actors that get involved. You're never sure who they are. On our first clue search, I saw guy sitting off by himself in an area that seemed weird for him to be off by himself. He had a bag and I thought he was eating lunch -- or pretended. So, I went up to him to try to flirt him in to giving us tips. Asking if he knew about the Raven or what we were looking for. He had NO idea, or said he didn't. I walked a little closer to talk to him and I realized that he wasn't eating dinner. He was listening to music and a had two or three dirty magazines out with him. Oh My. I was SO mortified. Wow. I was all "you're looking at dirty magazines!!" And he was all, "they're just another type of art."

Man, I got away from that area quickly. Our new friend told him that she wouldn't get involved in him because a LADY never takes out trash! :0)

We followed one team or they followed us for a little while. We kept running in to them, but we wound up finishing before they did. Which made me feel a little bad, but not much.

Anyways, Julia. It was lots of fun! I didn't really contribute much on the solving end, but I really had fun following the group around and looking for the clues. I came really close many times but still never quite found any. Still, it was fun. I really want to do it again.

later --


PS -- If I get any pictures from the group, I'll post them here for you.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dear Julia,

Wouldn't it be easier for you to get your own blog not to update? Do you really enjoy these forced posts? Do they make you happy?

Perhaps I should retitle the blog, Inside of How Heather is Manipulated by Julia's Need to Read Something More interesting.

That seems a little long.

I'm home ill today. Just a sore throat, but I am a baby when it comes to that. I'll go to work with snot running down my face and headaches and whatever, but you give me a scratchy throat and I want my mommy.

And a vat of ice cream. Which luckily we don't have because if we did have it, we wouldn't anymore.

But, enough about me Julia. Let's talk about you. What do you think of me? WHY do you want me to write when it has been delineated to mindless drivel?

How about a co-blog? I'll add you as an author and you can post articles about white privilege and we can discuss them? You can come up with some of the inane drivel.

I'm tapped out of content. I can't have kids just for the blog content, especially since that will mean I really won't have time to blog.

I haven't read too much for pleasure lately, though I did just finish Jodi Picoult's Vanishing Acts. Gotta tell you, don't get the hype. My Sister's Keeper was much better and had a much better ending and was just a better story over all. I've read several of Ms. Picoult's books and so far, that's still my favorite one.

But, no more pleasure reading for me for a while because I'm back in class and have to read school stuff or I get too far behind and I berate myself. It's weird being back in school, especially now that it's "real" college and not community college. For everyone who tried to humor me that that WAS real school, I respond -- you've never been. I'm not ready for term papers and literary reviews.


But, I want to get done.

So much so that I'm sitting around watching lots of crap on tv today instead of doing school stuff.

But, I'm sick so it's okay.

Back to you, Julia. Shall I talk about how disappointed I am that you won't be visiting this month? Or for several months to come? That even though I know you can't afford it, I really was looking forward to hanging out with you and doing silly things like drinking too much and hashing out our old arguments and looking at old pictures.

Okay, I wasn't looking forward to the hashing part, but I know it's going to happen because you told me it had to.

I'm glad you're back in the US and not smoking hookahs lost in Europe anymore.

I'm glad we talk a lot.

I wish you lived closer.

Maybe then you'd stop bugging me to post stuff.

until next month,


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