Sunday, July 22, 2007

I got a new computer today -- which means I can play with pictures again!

We redid the sun porch -- stripped the carpet and put in a bamboo mat, got cushions for the chairs. I actually got Charlie to look at the camera -- quite a feat! And multiple shots of the librarian's baby boy. (And no, he's not nude in the Austin Powers like shot -- it's just accidentally framed that way.)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

These are exciting times! The last Harry Potter installment is out tomorrow at midnight. I am so geeked up, it's not even funny. I managed to convince my boss to approve a vacation day on Monday, because if I'm not done reading I'm just going to call out anyways. Somehow, she went for it.

My summer Sociology class is going SUPER well -- somehow I am pulling an A while doing C work at best. Not that this level of effort is even remotely new, but it is what it is. One thing that I am not crazy about at Virginia Wesleyan is that they actually differentiate between an A+ and a regular A. Isn't that the silliest thing? You're not considered a super star and don't get a 4.0 unless you have an A+. But I guess for someone who is getting A's without doing the work that goes into it, I shouldn't complain...

My previous hairdresser is returning to the area and rumor has it that she and my current beloved hairdresser may be going into cahoots. Double the appointment availability! Woo hoo! Hair threesomes for everyone!

I know that those of you that are reading challenged miss the pictures. The deal is that my main computer with the photo stuff on it has bitten the dust. Again. It's in DNR phase now and just holding out for a good deal on a replacement. So, y'all will have to go back to reading this shit again instead of just scanning the photos. We will attempt to make up for the down time by posting unauthorized photos of the librarian's son once we're up and running again. Just don't tell the librarian, please.

In the unintentionally humorous news front... A woman that I know at work has been going through some tough times. Deaths in the family, marital, health difficulties -- you name it. She went out on leave for about 2 months and while she was out she had a beautiful tattoo done that was, in her words, a memorial to the family members she had lost. It really was lovely -- which is an odd word to use for a tattoo. To me, the unintentionally humorous part is that she had the tattoo done on an area just above the rump that those in my circle regularly refer to as a tramp stamp. It was just so hard to see the seriousness of the memorial in that location. And because another friend has been talking about getting a tattoo in this location for a while -- in part because she likes the name, it's just that much more unintentionally humorous.

In other exciting news, tonight is the last night for the evil dipshit Jen to be Head of Household on Big Brother. She may not getting evicted as soon as I would like but at least she won't be in charge anymore. Thank God!


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Catching up with Heather's Head...

(That's sure to generate some traffic from the naughty Googlers with other things in mind...)

BLISS! I have the bliss fever. I have been so happy and just so generally content lately. My (mother-derived) pessimistic side wonders when the other shoe is going to drop -- but, ultimately I'm just happy.

Here's an example of my mom... I tell her that I learn in my Family Sociology class that the divorce statistic is greatly overrated. "They" say that 50% of marriages end in divorce. In fact, that number is skewed. The number of divorces per year is 50% of the number of marriages per year. However, not everyone gets married that same year. SO, the number of divorces happens to be half of the NEW marriages per year -- but out of all of the people that are still married, this is actually a fairly small percentage. Eye-opening, isn't it? I tell this to my mom and she sends me the following article: The Shelf Life of Bliss. The shortest summary of this article is that bliss' shelf life is 3 years. She happens to send this to me last week, just before our 3 year anniversary (which is today). I mean, damn. Thanks Mom -- next time, just send a card!

Yes sir, today is our 3 year anniversary. You know... When I was growing up, my parents didn't always do a big thing on their anniversary. And I never understood that -- I mean, isn't this THE day?? But, now. I get it. It's not about the stuff. It's not about anything, really, other than we really like each other (which is a MUCH bigger deal, I think, than the loving) and enjoy being together. I think we should overcome our shelf life. :)

Heading down to see my friend the Librarian and her new baby and new house for the next few days. Pretty excited and nervous. I'm coming bearing a gift which I hope she will like. I'll post the picture the next time I'm near the computer with the photo stuff attached. (don't have to worry about blowing the surprise -- she hasn't read the old blog in years).

But right on the verge of mini-break I'm getting ear infection. Got any great home remedies? That will work in the next few hours?

that's all for now... dippy happy... 3 years down, life to go... Harry Potter month to revel in ahead!

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